In automation it is all about productivity and profitability. Apart from a comprehensive knowledge of commonly available components, we have the ingenuity to achieve practical and effective custom solutions. Not only on the technical field, but also economically. Our solutions enable our clients to work more efficiently and achieve a higher return on their investment. Alliance Technologies develops equipment and modules on client specification. The Alliance evolved into a knowledge and expertise centre for precision applications. The solutions are primarily mechatronical in character (a combination of mechanics, electronics and software) resulting in low-cost solutions that are more flexible and allow for more accuracy.

Analytical equipment


Alliance Technologies develops proto-type equipment for testing novelties in the field of analytical procedures. We are custom to work in a dynamic research environment, concurrent engineering and innovation are customary.

The Alliance successfully participated in concept-studies and realization of several problems regarding automatic inoculation, PCR fluorescence microscopy microfiltration morphologic analysis and sample preparation.

Our team consists of multiple disciplines that together provide the skils to meet high demands for e.g. temperature control or minute volume dosing. This is only possible through the combination of mechanical precision, electronic performance and software robustness. Alliance Technologies uses the latest simulation and design methods including LabVIEW, C++, Inventor and Matlab/Simulink.

For first tests a prototype is developed, this prototype allows for getting insight in technical aspects of an analysis. Based on the first experiences, imperfections can be addressed and additional requirements established for the final design. Alliance Technologies also takes care of the production of the first small series. Parts are mainly produced in the Netherlands, assembly takes place in Estonia. Alliance Technologies assures you of a good cost/quality ratio.

Industrial applications


Alliance is developer and supplier of solutions for mass production of precision parts. It is well known that in mass production supplementary expertise is required, our specialists have worked on projects for companies such as Philips, Cordis, Johnson & Johnson, Wetsus and Priva.

We can assist you with the development, optimization and modification of process modules and complete production machines. Our company has specialized in the development of precision machines. The trend for higher accuracy can introduce a wide range of issues, Alliance Technologies will be happy to assist you in finding a solution. We have got expertise in various fields, such as error-budgeting, thermal aspects and aerostatic bearings.

Alliance Technologies has extensive knowledge and experience in developing equipment and special modules for industrial use. Because the Alliance includes several disciplines, we can carry out projects which are mechatronical in nature. If required we can handle turnkey projects, from design, prototyping and assembly to deployment. Usually, the first functional tests are done at Alliance Technologies, once the machine meets specification, it can be installed. After delivery you remain certain of fast service and elaborate support, we offer a maintenance contract as an option.

We are always looking for innovative solutions where standard components can be used. Through standardization, attuned to the client, modules can easily be incorporated into existing systems.